real talk does anyone ever just take a moment to appreciate the flawless combination that is cheese and tomatoes

cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


c h e e s e  a n d  t o m a t o e s


Why men use prostitutes →



But another of the interviewees left me feeling concerned. Darren was young, good-looking and bright; I asked him how often he thought the women he paid enjoyed the sex. “I don’t want them to get any pleasure,” he told me. “I am paying for it and it is her job to give me pleasure. If she enjoys it I would feel cheated.” I asked if he felt prostitutes were different to other women. “The fact that they’re prepared to do that job where others won’t, even when they’re skint, means there’s some capability inside them that permits them to do it and not be disgusted,” he said. He seemed full of a festering, potentially explosive misogyny.

When asked what would end ­prostitution, one interviewee laughed and said, “Kill all the girls.” Paul told me that it would take “all the men to be locked up”. But most of them told the researchers that they would be ­easily deterred if the current laws were implemented. Fines, public ­exposure, employers being informed, being issued with an Asbo or the risk of a criminal record would stop most of the men from continuing to pay for sex. Discovering the women were ­trafficked, pimped or otherwise coerced would appear not to be so ­effective. Almost half said they ­believed that most women in prostitution are victims of pimps (“the pimp does the ­psychological raping of the woman,” explained one). But they still continued to visit them.

This is what we mean when we say men hate women. You don’t even have to dig very deeply. They will tell you themselves.

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Yeah I do birchbox and get lots of samples through sephora and ulta. I rarely pay full price. I got a mally gift set for like, only 10 bucks more than just the mascara.

oooooh i used to have a BB. imma try doing ipsy next. 

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haha yeah, she is a little expensive. but its seriously amazing—its the best mascara i’ve ever used.

hmm. i might try it. the best one ive used so far is from buxom. but i got theirs as a deluxe sample lol. 

I am in love with Mally mascara.

isnt she expensive? lol. its funny, ive never had issues (as far as i can remember) with high end mascaras. only drugstore brands. sigh lol. i cant spend 20 plus on a mascara. im broke :P 


I wish men could understand that they are all potential predators to women because the argument persists that men are driven to sexual assault by their inability to handle women’s clothing and the fact that they have body parts and that this is excusable because its such a biological force that they can’t control it. Like, as a woman, how are you supposed to handle that? 

can you rec any mascaras for me?

i just bought the miss manga one but im pretty sure im allergic to it because it makes my eyes red and watery. plus my forehead recently broke out. havent been anything different in my skincare. only new thing ive applied to my face was the mascara. 


why is this so hard for people to understand